Atex gearbox, mechanical variabel speed drive, HDPE extruder gearbox, dan gear motors hostile environment merupakan solusi untuk memenuhi kebutuhan industri.

 Atex Gearbox
Coaxials series C
C11 … C61
Bevel helicals series A
A10 … A60
Shaft mounts series F
F10 … F60
Worm gears series VF and W
VF30 … VF49 W63 … W110
Planetaries series 300
300 … 321

HDPE extruder gearbox

Type Torque Nm
HDPE 60 4650
HDPE 70 6350
HDPE 80 11500
HDPE 90 16550
HDPE 100 24000
HDPE 110 28700
HDPE 120 35300
HDPE 130 59300
HDPE 140 75000

Transmissible Torque
4650  MN2  75000 NmGear Ratios
7,1 iN  125.0 with progression  = 1,12Mounting

solid shaft, direct motor mounting, lantern housing with flexible coupling

Output shaft
Thrust bearing of various dimension and capacity and hollow shafts of various shapes and dimensions.
Standard shaft is keyed hollow to UNI 6604.
Mounting dimensions to customer specifications can be provided.


V – Mechanical variabel sepeed drive

Type Std Backlash
V 0.25 4
V 0.5 8
V 1 16
V 2 35
V 3 56
V 5.5 72
V 10 144

Max. to Min. Speed Setting   
5.2 times
∞ Reduction through a differential unit
Mechanical Rating (n1 = 1400 min-1)
0,18 kW … 9,2 kW
Additional Helical Reduction   
iN = 2,5 … 6,3
Output Configurations    Foot and Flange mount
Metric or Inch series Solid Output shaft
Compact and IEC Match With Helical and Worm Gear Units
Speed Setting
Manual Through a Handwheel
Remotely Controlled Through a Servo Mechanism
Speed Gauging Kit c/w Display as an Option
Input Configurations
IEC and NEMA motor Adaptors
Solid Input Shaft
Applicable AC motors   
IEC-normalized Motors and Brake motors – BN series


VF-EP/W-EP-Gear motor for hostile evironments
Food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Marine on-board and quayside installation
Corrosive and/or highly hygenic environmentsAvailability on
Gears: VF 44, VF 49, W 63, W 75, W 86
Motors: BN 63 … BN 112 / M1SD … M3LCStandard Features
Stainless Steel Hollow Shaft
Stainless Stell Mounting Hardware and Tag
Oil Seals Loaded with Stainless Steel Spring
Sealed Gearcase (unvented)
Unused Tapped Holes Closed with Button Plugs
Four Draining Holes on Motor DE and NDE Shield
Motor Protection IP 56

Epoxy Primer+Epoxy top Coating FDA
Washdown Duty Oil Seals
Food Grade Lubrificant, Class H1

Foot, Flange and Shaft Mount

Plug-in Solid Output Shaft from Stainless Steel
Safety Cover for the Hollow Output Shaft
Torque Arm

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