Kopling Fenner® dirancang untuk menyerap beban kejut, mengakomodasi ketidaksejajaran penggerak, dan memungkinkan pemisahan jalur penggerak untuk pemeliharaan. Dengan cakupan yang sangat berketahanan hingga kaku, semuanya diproduksi secara presisi menggunakan besi cor atau baja berkualitas tinggi, serta teknologi polimer dan komposit terkini.

Fenaflex Tyre Flexible Coupling


  • Simple time saving installation – motor and machine remains undisturbed
  • whilst tyre is changed
  • Large misalignment capability, 4° angular, up to 6mm parallel and 8mm axial
  • Internal load carrying cords are wound in both directions, so there is no problem on reversing drives
  • Tyres are available in standard and FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) construction. ATEX approved
  • Simple visual inspection to aid maintenance
  • Lubrication free
  • Taper Lock® and pilot bore flanges

Fenner Jaw Coupling


  • Ease of alignment
  • Fail-safe shaft connection
  • Range of element materials available including nitrile, urethane and hytrel
  • Pump spacer variant available (100mm or 140mm length)
  • Quick-fit wrap around element available
  • Design powers up to 42.2kW available at 1440rpm
  • Ambient operating temperature range -50°C to +120°C

Fenner Rigit Coupling


  • Taper Lock fixing as standard
  • Peripheral speeds of up to 33m/s available
  • Vertical assemblies possible in FF design

Fenner HRC Coupling


  • Offers the simplest, most straightforward fitting available
  • Ease if alignment and fitting using straight edge and machined outside diameters
  • Fail-safe design due to interacting dog design
  • Accomodates incidental misalignment
    Exceptional performance at low cost
  • Power ratings are matched to standard motor sizes
  • Standard and FRAS elements available
  • Flywheel fixing variant available
  • Pilot bore design also available

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