superior cycloidal gearbox Peredam pinwheel Cycloidal yang unggul, mengadopsi prinsip penggerak planet dengan perbedaan gigi kecil serta keterlibatan gigi pin sikloid, adalah jenis mesin transmisi baru dan peredam penggerak yang banyak digunakan di bidang percetakan tekstil, industri ringan dan makanan, tambang metalurgi , industri petrokimia, pengangkatan dan pengangkutan, dan mesin teknik dan sebagainya.

Superior Single Stage – Cyclo Drive

  • Ratio : 1/9-1/87
  • Power : 0.18kw-75kW
  • Nm : 23000Nm

Powerful overload capacity, strong resistance to impact, small moment of inertia, and applicable to occasions with frequent stars and positive and negative rotating.

  • High reduction ratio and efficiency
    Single-stage transmission can produce the reduction ration of 1:87 and over 90% efficiency. Multi-stage transmission will offer higher reduction ratio.
  • Compact structure and small volume
    The planetary transmission principle, input shaft and output shaft are at the same axis, so it has compact structure and small volume.
  • Stable operation and low noise
    Cycloidal gear pins have more engagement, bigger overlap coefficient and mechanism of stable machine parts.
  • Reliable operation and long service life
    Major parts are manufactured with bearing steel, so they have excellent mechanical performance. The adoption of rolling friction makes them durable in use.

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