Speck Pumpen adalah Brand dan perusahaan Jerman yang memproduksi pompa dan kompresor berkualitas tinggi untuk aplikasi industri. Berikut beberapa penawaran produk mereka:

  1. Regenerative Turbine Pumps:
    Ideal for high pressures and low flow rates.
    Pulsation-free and reversible.
    Suitable for delivering gas shares.
    Maximum head: 7 m – 115 m (50 Hz).
  2. Centrifugal Pumps:
    Suitable for high flow rates at lower pressures.
    Maximum head: 8 – 630 m (50 Hz).

Ideal for high flow rates at lower pressures and delivery pressures – multi-stage pumps also with higher delivery pressures. Normal-priming.

Hmax 8 – 630 m (50 Hz)
Qmax 1.2 – 540 m³/h (50 Hz)

PT. Cakra Adji Gunung

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