Fukuta Electric bertujuan untuk menyediakan produk yang hemat biaya dan berkualitas tinggi untuk mendukung pertumbuhan industri dan meningkatkan daya saing pelanggan.

Fukuta Electric Motor IE1

  • 3-phase induction motor: the motor will form a rotary magnetic field after three-phase AC current stator winding.
  • The closed bar-conductor on the rotor will induced potential and current due to the cutting of the magnetic field lines of the stator magnetic field.
  • The passing conductor will receive ampere force in the magnetic field, which will drive the rotor to rotate.
  • The power of the 3-phase induction motor, if more than 1/4HP, will be reach to 270HP.
  • It is divided into 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P and other poles.

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